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THE MISSION: Books 1-3: The Chronicles of Cas Kasabian Dan Diego

THE MISSION: Books 1-3: The Chronicles of Cas Kasabian

Dan Diego

Published April 28th 2015
Kindle Edition
236 pages
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 About the Book 

Cas Kasabian was born one billion years in the future, just as planet Earth was about to be burned to a crisp by an unstable, expanding sun. Aged 4, he was one of the lucky few chosen to travel back to the dawn of time to be part of a new colony along with 5000 other young children, 50 highly-trained adults and a super-computer called Minerva. But after someone sabotaged the time ship they were travelling on, hes now stranded in The Mission, a mediaeval monastery, along with thousands of other refugees from the future. For now, all that 14 year-old Cas dreams of is going out with the gorgeous Ava and being allowed to roam freely through The Missions mysterious time tunnels. But life for Cas is not that simple. When hes not having nightmares about the war with The Trappers, hes trying to keep one step ahead of crazy instructor Brutus, dead-eyed chronoids and the monsters lurking in his imagination. The situation isnt helped by the fact that his best friend Loki is the biggest troublemaker in the time-space continuum. Books 1-3 of The Mission follow Cas as he embarks upon his Rite Of Passage, a three year programme that will assess whether he is smart enough and strong enough to be a tunnel rat, one of The Missions elite time tunnellers.Publishers Note: This is a consolidated edition of Books 1-3 of The Mission, Books 1-3 come to a total of around 75,000 words. Altogether, The Mission will be published in 36 parts and weigh in at around 800,000 words. It is the first work in a cycle that is designed to run to 4 or 5 volumes.