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Going to the UK? Ten Things You Should Know Rajiv Immanuel

Going to the UK? Ten Things You Should Know

Rajiv Immanuel

Published August 6th 2014
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 About the Book 

The UK is a fantastic country to live, work or study in. It is a land of promise and opportunity and the UK needs you if you have good written and spoken English, are young, skilled, hard-working, ambitious, and willing to learn and adapt.In the UK there are tremendous potential opportunities for people who are young, skilled and hardworking.Are you are keen to move to the UK to live, work or study? If so, your mind may be full of questions about various aspects of UK life.The author too was in that position nearly twenty years ago.He arrived in the UK as an international student in 1995. Since then he has worked in the UK, seen success and failure, interacted closely with the British, and knows the good and bad about this country. He is now a professional watcher of Britain and a writer of books preparing others for UK life.In this book, he distils his nearly two decades of experience of living in the UK to give you ten important tips about UK life.This book warns you of the mistakes that you should not make while living in the UK.Your UK life should be a positive and life-changing experience, bringing new qualifications, a new career, financial security, growth and opportunities.It should not be a humiliating, unhappy or tragic experience.We sent our son to the UK to study so that he could have a better life. We never thought he would be in any danger. The way in which he was taken from us is absolutely devastating. This was the reaction of Thavisha Peiris parents in Sri Lanka on their sons murder in Sheffield, UK.Be warned there are dangers lurking in Britain. Britain can be a safe place. But you must not be naive and base your life and actions on wrong notions.Learn from one who has been an observer of this country for two decades. This book is more than mere information. This is advice based on experience.The author, Rajiv Immanuel, tells you about life in the UK as it actually is, with no attempt to be economical with the truth. Saving your life and ensuring your UK mission is a success is the goal of this book.Dont waste your time in the UK going round in circles making mistakes that could even cost you your life. Let your UK life begin on a positive note with the tips in this book.