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Oh No Theres a Monster in My Room Ehrlick

Oh No Theres a Monster in My Room


Published October 1st 2013
Kindle Edition
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 About the Book 

Childrens fears are real and need to be dealt with seriously. Many children are afraid of monsters when lights are turned out in their room at night. The four year old named David in this book is no different. He sees monsters in the closet, under his bed, and under his sisters crib. One night David could ignore the monsters no longer so he goes down to he kitchen where his parents are eating dinner. His father calmly addresses his fears and offers to go to his sons room to investigate. Once no monsters are found, dad suggests that David recite a magic spell that his father taught him, if ever a monster should appear. David is now happy and reassured.Many parents dismiss childrens fears as unfounded and unreasonable. This story provides a sensible alternative. The illustrations complement the story line perfectly. Facial expressions match the emotions that the characters are feeling. I would highly recommend this book to parents and caretakers of children age two through six.Reviewed byBarbara MojicaAuthor of the Little Miss HISTORY series:Little Miss HISTORY Travels to MOUNT RUSHMORELittle Miss HISTORY Travels to The STATUE of LIBERTYWWW.LittleMissHISTORY.com--------------------------------------------------------------------------------